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Global Community Resourcing are bound by the National Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). Global Community Resourcing is committed to protecting your privacy in accordance with Australia's National Privacy Principles. You can be sure that we will only use your personal and business information (“Personal Information”) as stated in this Privacy Policy To assist you in making informed decisions when using the Global Community Resourcing Website please read through this Policy. The Policy explains how we collect, use and safeguard the Personal Information you provide to us.

We may, from time to time, review and update this policy, including to take account of new or amended laws, new technology and/or changes to our operations. All personal information held by us will be governed by the most recently updated policy. This policy was last updated on 27 February 2019. Global Community Resourcing is committed to informing you about your right to privacy whilst accessing and contributing content to the Site. This policy applies only to the Global Community Resourcing website. The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to tell you what kind of information we may gather about you when you visit and contribute to our Site, and how we may use this information.


1. Collection of Information

Information collected from you is primarily for three purposes:

  • To customise your experience of the Global Community Resourcing website to make it more accessible to users, with more relevant content;

  • To ensure all contributed content is correctly attributed; and

  • Fulfilling your order, when you are purchasing products from us.

  • There are two ways to access the Global Community Resourcing website: as an anonymous user, or as a registered user. The type of information gathered and used about you varies in accordance with your user status.


1.1 Anonymous Users

Global Community Resourcing automatically gathers anonymous information to monitor the use of the Global Community Resourcing website, such as the numbers and frequency of visitors to each section of the Site, and the country/region from which access to the Site is gained. This information is collated from log files which record details of each website transaction.

1.2 Registered Users

In order to publish content to the Global Community Resourcing website through participation in on-line forums, you are required to be a registered user. Users who chose to register with us will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Your name;

  • Your organisation;

  • Your country/region;

  • Your email address; and

  • Your contact telephone number.

When you chose to publish content on the Site, including comments and discussion forum posts, be aware that your name and organisation will be displayed. This is to ensure proper attribution and public accountability of the information published. No other information about you will be publicly accessible. As with anonymous users, each transaction conducted on the Global Community Resourcing website is automatically recorded in the log files of website transactions. 

1.3 Fulfilling Your Orders

When ordering products and services, you must provide contact information, such as name and delivery address, and financial information, such as credit-card number and expiration date if you are using this payment method, and account details if using other electronic payment methods. Global Community Resourcing uses this information to fulfill your order and bill you. If we have trouble processing an order, this contact information is also used to get in touch with you to resolve the problem.To facilitate the provision of the payment transnational service for which you have applied Global Community Resourcing is required to pass information you have provided to its service providers, ie. bank.

The placement by you of a product order links your order with your contact details. This allows us to provide you with quality advice relevant to your particular situation when you contact Global Community Resourcing for customer support. If documentation needs to be emailed or posted to you, the consultant has all the information needed to ensure fast service.


2. Use of Personal Information

Global Community Resourcing will primarily use the personal information we receive for the purpose of attribution of content you have published. When you access the site as a Registered User, Global Community Resourcing will also use your personal information to customise your experience, for example, the homepage may display information specific to your region. We will not use any individually identifying personal information without your consent, with the exception of instances of breach of the website Standard Conditions of Use.

The information collated from log files of website transactions provides us with aggregated data only, and contains no identifying information. It enables Global Community Resourcing to determine the extent to which our audiences use different parts of the Site, to monitor customer demand and preferences. From evaluation of this data, Global Community Resourcing can work to constantly improve the Site and the relevance of its content for the Health and Community Services Sector. For example, this data analysis enables us to rate products, articles, links, and sector news by frequency of access (i.e. popularity), and customise the website so that those shown to be most relevant to the Sector appear towards the top of the page. Global Community Resourcing may use information from log files when investigating suspected breaches of the Global Community Resourcing Standard Conditions of Use Policy. For example, where the Site has been vandalised or material posted under another person’s name without their consent, Global Community Resourcing may access the log files to investigate the source and take corrective action. Global Community Resourcing may also use this information to investigate technical issues related to the performance of the Site. For example, a poorly behaving web spider may place excessive load on the Site. Global Community Resourcing may use data collected in the log files to identify the source and take corrective action.In the event that Global Community Resourcing is investigating inappropriate use or technical issues on the Global Community Resourcing website, Global Community Resourcing may share information in log files with Internet Service Providers and law enforcement authorities, in order to further investigate the issue. In circumstances where illegal activity is suspected, Global Community Resourcing may make log files available to law enforcement authorities.


3. Cookies

A cookie is a file a website saves to your computer. It records information such as website preferences so that when you re-visit the site, those settings are recalled. Unless otherwise blocked within your browser settings, the Global Community Resourcing website will set a user’s cookie to customise your user experience. If you choose not to accept cookies, they can be blocked through your browser options. Global Community Resourcing uses two types of cookies: user cookies and session cookies.

3.1 User Cookie

The user cookie will store your user preferences as set when you registered. For users that have not registered, only your accessibility option will be stored.

3.2 Session Cookie

The session cookie will be set each time you visit the Site. This session cookie records that you have verified your identity by entering your password, enabling you to publish to the Global Community Resourcing website. The session cookie is automatically deleted once you close your browser window, or the time-out period has expired.

4. Disclosure

There may be occasions when Global Community Resourcing is required by law to disclose the personal information we hold about you to third parties. You consent to us disclosing your personal information to third parties engaged by us to perform functions on our behalf, such as processing credit card information, debt collection agencies, as part of any investigation into you or your activity, for example, if we have reason to suspect that you have committed a breach of any of our terms and conditions, or have otherwise been engaged in any unlawful activity, and we reasonably believe that disclosure is necessary to the Police, any relevant authority or enforcement body, or your Internet Service Provider or network administrator or as required or permitted by any law (including the Privacy Act). Under no circumstances will Global Community Resourcing sell or receive payment for licensing or disclosing your personal information.

5. Complaints about Privacy

If you have any complaints relating to online privacy issues on the Global Community Resourcing website, please notify us in writing through the Customer Feedback Form, accessed through the Contact Us page. Whilst Global Community Resourcing accepts no liability for any material or links posted to the Site, we will investigate all complaints.

Subject to some exceptions in the Privacy Act, you have the right to seek access to and update the personal information we hold about you. If you make an access request, we will ask you to verify your identity. We may charge a fee to cover the costs of meeting your request.

If you would like to seek access to personal information we hold about you, or if you have any questions or complaints about how we collect, use, disclose, manage or store your personal information, you can contact us through the Customer Feedback Form, accessed through the Contact Us page.


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