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What 2019 has install for GCR

Global Community Resourcing’s 2019 activities are already underway, and we are excited for another big year of collaborations, events and research. Here are some things we think you might be interested that are coming up in 2019:

Global Community Resourcing will be hosting a large number of both international and national researchers and collaborators for a range of webinars, events and research projects. We are excited to announce more information in the coming months.

We have a number of exciting events already underway in 2019 including Innovation Lunches all throughout Australia in Sydney, Longreach and the Sunshine Coast with local and international researchers. We are looking forward to continuing collaborating globally on all community care and aged care topics relating to quality and standards, consumer-directed care and co-design/co-creation and building on our community.

If you are interested in knowing more about our 2019 plans or would like to collaborate, please email


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