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The role technology can play in improving issues faced by Isolated Communities

For the past several years, Global Community Resourcing (GCR) has collaborated with Redland District on the Ageing (RDCOTA) and Redland City Council (RCC) to identify critical issues faced by the community of the Southern Moreton Bay Islands (SMBI) during times of emergencies.

In 2019, GCR was funded by the Queensland Government to explore contemporary issues related to older people and better-improve outcomes for the community during times of emergency. The project “Innovative Solutions During Periods of Emergencies” focuses on harnessing innovation and new technology, co-designing and modifying the approach with the community and testing new approaches specifically to improve quality, safety, and security for the community during times of emergencies.

As part of a Queensland Government-funded project, GCR held a range of co-design workshops in February 2020 to undertake a ‘reality check’ of the issues experienced by the community during times of emergency. These issues included heatwaves, water shortage, response resilience, social integration, crime & safety, and independence and social network support.

Due to COVID-19, the project was forced to limit interaction with the community for the safety of the community. However, the project team has continued to work in the background since February to scope a range of technology trials to address the (above) identified emergency issues.

Global Community Resourcing Director, Ms Anne Livingstone says, “We understand since our workshops in February, the community priorities in the Southern Moreton Bay Islands has changed due to the experiences during COVID-19. We understand during this period that in certain aspects there has been a greater uptake of technology’. Ms Livingstone commented “The GCR team will be visiting over the next month to deliver the results of the co-design and to discuss the four technology trials planned for the SMBI Islands”.

The four technology trials being investigated include:

  • Smart home technology aimed at improving the safety for people living in the community.

  • New and emerging technologies that are aimed at monitor the safety and security of individuals in their own home.

  • Electronic Community Notice Board to improve information dissemination within the community.

  • A community platform for information dissemination and coordination.

The GCR project team is looking forward to working with the community and talking with those who are interested in taking part in the technology trials.

If you would like to find out more about the trials, pleases contact


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