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Technology education vital to staff satisfaction

As Executive Lead at the Aged Care Industry Information Technology Council (ACIITC), and Global Community Resourcing (GCR) Director of Research and Project, Ms Anne Livingstone plays a pivotal role in advocating for technology education and digital literacy within the aged and community care sector. Her expertise and insights were highlighted during the ITAC September 2021 International Forum, where a panel of international experts gathered to discuss the importance of ongoing education and training in new and emerging technologies for attracting and retaining staff in aged care.

During the forum, Anne emphasised the need for investing in digital literacy among workers and clients in order to facilitate the transition towards a digitally enabled aged care system in Australia. She raised awareness about the existing digital gaps among frontline workers and older individuals who face challenges in navigating the digital landscape. Anne stressed the significance of dedicated funding to enhance the sector's digital maturity, but acknowledged the financial constraints and sustainability issues that hinder the acquisition of necessary resources. She underscored the importance of investment across the spectrum to bridge the digital divide and empower staff and clients to leverage the opportunities presented by technology in aged care.


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