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Smart Cities Standards Roadmap

The Smart Cities Standards Roadmap was prepared in consultation with Standards Australia in order to highlight critical issues that will support the growth of Smart Cities. The Roadmap provides a summary of recommendations by combining the views of Australian stakeholders who participated in the Reference Group discussions. The Reference Group comprises of representatives from government, industry, community and consumer groups, along with technical experts. Global Community Resourcing is a participating member in the Standards Australia’s Smart Cities Reference Group and worked in collaboration on this project.

The recommendations outlined in the Roadmap are based on five key goals including:

• Supporting the implementation of existing Smart Cities framework and policies

• Improving knowledge sharing and collaboration within Australia

• Ensuring Australia can influence Smart Cities global and national standards development

• Improving data accessibility and interoperability across Australia

• Supporting Australian communities’ development of Smart Cities strategies and initiatives

To view the Standards Australia Smart Cities Standards Roadmap, click here.


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