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National and International Island Project

Since 2017 Global Community Resourcing, along with a range of our national and international partners have been undertaking a significant project that is centred around researching models of innovative community-based delivery on Island Communities in Australia and around the world. Specific research areas for this project span across all areas of community care and aged care including aged care and disability care.

The project is look at:

> How the models of care differ on Island Communities in comparison to mainstream care

> How technology and innovation can or is influencing more tailor made and quality care solutions

The Global Community Resourcing Team are currently visiting a range of islands with the aim of reviewing and analysing some of the existing models of care on Island Communities. We are also focusing on where innovation and business transformation can provide significant benefits for these communities. Global Community Resourcing has made links with a broad range of island in Australia and internationally, most recently in our visit to King Island.

Additionally, we have a range of technology developers and suppliers who have indicated their interest in Island Communities research and are keen to hear from other who are interested in collaborating on this topic.

We are excited to continue research on this project in 2019.


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