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Leading the charge in digital maturity in aged and community care

Global Community Resourcing (GCR) is a driving force behind transformative digital maturity within the Australian aged and community care sector.

We are proud to have been the project manager, researchers, and co-designer, supporting the Aged Care Industry Information Technology Council (ACIITC) in a recent national benchmarking research project. This project was the "Digital Maturity in Aged and Community Care: The Current State and Resources Required" project and it was released recently.

Focused on fostering digital maturity, the primary aim was to create a robust assessment framework.

The survey, conducted on a national scale, revealed a diverse digital maturity landscape. Noteworthy findings include an average digital maturity score of 58.4 out of 109, with variations across metropolitan, rural, non-residential, and remote providers. Strengths in cybersecurity and communication technology were identified, while the challenges in innovation and predictive analytics usage were acknowledged.

As a pivotal outcome, the work developed a digital maturity improvement toolkit. This resource is aimed at empowering organisations to advance digital maturity, tackle operational challenges, meet compliance requirements, and set strategic goals.

Explore the findings and access the report here:

For inquiries and collaboration opportunities on digital maturity, connect with ACIITC at


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