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Island Community Research: Global Community Resourcing Intern Experience

Global Community Resourcing (GCR) is proud to host interns from the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) each year.

In 2019, GCR hosted two students who have now completed their Bachelor of Nutrition Sciences degree. During their internship with GCR, Gwendolyn and Nathaniel focused on our Island Community centred projects, which aims to investigate models of innovative solutions to issues faced by the Island Communities.

Amidst undertaking research for this project, Gwendolyn and Nathaniel presented their findings at the October Senior Savvy Event - ‘The Summer is Coming, Survive the Heat!’. A range of topics was featured in their presentation including heatwave information specific to the Southern Moreton Bay Island area, health implications of heatwaves, interventional approaches to heatwave protection and early warning systems.

The GCR team look forward to continuing collaborating on this project in the new year!


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