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Involvement in Standards

Global Community Resourcing (GCR) Director of Research and Projects, Ms Anne Livingstone, has been actively involved in standards development for more than ten years.

On an International level, Anne serves as the Australian Representative for several important committees and groups. She plays a crucial role in International Standards Organization (ISO) Technical Committee (TC) 314 Ageing Societies, where she actively contributes to shaping standards related to the challenges and opportunities presented by an ageing population. Anne is also involved in the Terminology Coordination Group, the Strategic Advisory Group, and various other groups within ISO/TC 314, focusing on topics such as the ageing workforce, dementia inclusivity, and caregiver inclusivity. Anne also serves as the International Convenor for the Communications Group within ISO/TC 314 TG 2.

In addition to her contributions to Ageing Society's committees, Anne also represents Australia in ISO/TC 269 Sustainable Cities, showcasing her commitment to sustainable urban development and ensuring that cities are designed and operated in an environmentally friendly and efficient manner.

At the national level, Anne is involved Standards Australia committees shaping standards that impact healthcare and economic development. Her participation in committees such as MB-027 Ageing Societies and ME-0670-02 Health and Care Services for Age Societies reflects her understanding of the unique challenges and requirements in providing quality care for ageing populations.

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