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Involve staff when designing aged care technology, researchers say

Global Community Resourcing (GCR) is a strong advocate for empowering the aged and community care workforce through technology integration. GCR work has highlighted the importance of involving the workforce in the codesign of technology solutions for the sector.

GCR’s research emphasises the need to understand the daily realities and challenges faced by aged and community care workers. By involving them in the design and development of technology solutions, their expertise and insights can be leveraged to create tools that effectively support their work and address their specific needs. GCR believes that technology should be seen as an enabler, providing assistance and enhancing the capabilities of the workforce.

In addition to involving the workforce, GCR also recognises the significance of ongoing education and training to ensure that aged care professionals are equipped with the necessary digital literacy skills. By investing in the digital capabilities of the workforce, the sector can maximise the benefits of technology adoption and create a digitally empowered aged care system.


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