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GCR dedication to social impact

Global Community Resourcing (GCR) proudly announces its recent collaboration with Red Dust, an organisation dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of Indigenous Australians. This transformative partnership revolves around a digital inclusion project initiated by GCR in collaboration with a group of talented students.

The objective of the project was to enhance digital inclusion, and the collective efforts of GCR and the students have resulted in securing funding for Red Dust. This funding will be directed towards providing technologies for digital storytelling, empowering Red Dust to amplify its impact and advance its mission.

Key Highlights:

  • Digital Inclusion for empowerment: This collaboration with Red Dust underscores GCR’s commitment to digital inclusion as a means of empowerment.

  • Student-Driven positive change: The project was led by a group of students, showcasing the potential of young minds to drive meaningful and positive change in collaboration with industry leaders.

  • Red Dust's Digital Storytelling Initiative: The secured funding will support Red Dust in advancing its digital storytelling initiatives, contributing to a more connected and empowered Indigenous community.

Global Community Resourcing Director, Ms Anne Livingstone says, “Over the years we have worked on important projects in rural and remote communities with Indigenous peoples. Our collaboration with Red Dust is a testament to Global Community Resourcing’s commitment to creating meaningful social impact. We are excited about the potential for positive change that will result from this collaboration.”

For more information on Red Dusk visit,


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