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GCR Collaborator releases Smart Technology Focused Book

Global Community Resourcing is excited to congratulate our frequent collaborator and partner Dr Kevin Doughty on the publication of his book ‘From Red Buttons to Smart Technology’. The book, released in November 2018 explains the development of support services in the community care and aged care sectors using smart technologies such as wearable sensors, alarms and more. ‘From Red Buttons to Smart Technology’ provides a timeline of the development of services from the social alarms, to telecare, to the current state of digital transformation. The book indicates the issues that challenge systems used currently for telecare and telehealth and outlines the benefits and importance of adopting digital modes of services and support.

‘From Red Buttons to Smart Technology’ can be used as a resource for learning about smart home technology for people on all levels of knowledge, and in different areas of the community and aged care sectors including independent carers and service providers.

Learn more about Dr Kevin Doughty and his research here.


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