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Director Inducted into ACiiTC Hall of Fame

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

Director of Research & Projects, Anne Livingstone was honoured by Aged Care Industry Information Technology Council by being inducted into the Aged Care Information Technology (ACiiTC) Hall of Fame at ITAC 2018 conference.

The Hall of Fame Award is not awarded every year. When it is granted, it is to recognise an individual who has made an enormous contribution to ICT uptake in our industry. The “Hall of Fame” is in recognition of an outstanding contribution to ICT learning and adoption in the aged care industry. To someone who has contributed to the success of a business through the introduction of technology, aligned business strategies or has advanced the use of technology across the industry.

Anne was recognised for her 35+ years in the Community Care Sector and advocacy for community based providers throughout this time. In granting this however it was a real passion for quality, innovation and technology in the Aged Care Space. Anne has the attributes you expect of a champion - compassion, innovative thought, intelligence and a commanding grasp of standards, legislation and policy.

In their award-winning speech, the ACiiTC acknowledged Anne’s advocacy for research to provide and demonstrate evidence based quality based outcomes.

Anne has also been recognised as a Queensland Government Community Digital Champion in 2016 & 2017, and as a continuing champion will keep contributing to the sector through state-wide roadshows to raise awareness of digital inclusion, state wide digital inclusion programs and innovation lunches focusing on the role of digital inclusion.


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