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Community Digital Champion Awarded to Director

Updated: Nov 26, 2018

Advance Queensland runs the Community Digital Championships, an opportunity for volunteers and community leaders to explore benefits of digital technologies.

Anne Livingstone, Director of Global Community Resourcing is a Digital Champion of 2017 with over 35 years in the community service sector.

Anne’s work involves various communities in the local South East Queensland area, rural communities nationally and internationally.

As the Chair, Co-Chair, Director and Board Member to a variety of Queensland councils and networks and support committees, Anne continues to focus on enabling technologies. These include the Queensland Organising Committee for International Congress on Smart Homes, Health Telematics and Technology in Aged Care meetings.

Contributions in a volunteering capacity at World Science Festival in Brisbane, National Science Week and Community Care Smart Assistive Technology Collaborative state wide activities, social media and digital inclusion have all been worked on by Anne, furthering digital inclusion in Queensland and beyond.

Anne has also been recognised as a Community Digital Champion in 2016, and as a continuing champion will keep contributing to the sector through state-wide roadshows to raise awareness of digital inclusion, state wide digital inclusion programs and innovation lunches focusing on the roles of digital inclusion


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