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Business Manager's involvement in Standards Australia Next Gen

Caption: Next Gen 2023 Cohort

Standards Australia has been a leading organisation in the development of industry standards and the promotion of technical excellence for many years. In order to encourage the next generation of industry leaders, Standards Australia established the NEXTgen Program. This prestigious initiative selects emerging industry and technical experts, providing them with the opportunity to participate in national and international standardization processes that support Australian industry and government. Participants gain exposure to the standards development process and practical applications of standards; the program equips them with invaluable knowledge and skills. This empowers them to make significant contributions towards the improvement and advancement of Australian industries.

Global Community Resourcing (GCR) Business Manager, Georgie Gould, had the privilege of being selected for the NEXTgen 2022/23 program. Georgie's participation not only enriched her professional development but also reinforced GCR's commitment to contributing to the standards development landscape. Throughout the program, Georgie had the opportunity to collaborate with leading experts from various fields. This allowed her to gain valuable insights into the standardization processes and their practical applications in the real world.

Standards Australia's NEXTgen Program provides a platform for young professionals to actively contribute to the standardization processes, the program ensures that Australia remains at the forefront of global best practices. As Standards Australia continues to invest in the NEXTgen Program, it is expected that more young professionals like Georgie will be given the opportunity to learn more about standards development and be involved in the various aspects of their development.

Congratulations to Georgie on successfully completing the NEXTgen program and seizing the opportunity to further enhance her knowledge and skills. Her dedication to professional growth serves as an inspiration to other aspiring industry leaders, highlighting the importance of continuous learning and active participation in shaping the standards that underpin our society.


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