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ARIP Involvement

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

The Advance Regional Innovation Program (ARIP) is supporting Queenslanders through unlocking potential in regional centers in Redlands and Logan.

Global Community Resourcing is one of the 11 partners in ARIP Logan and Redlands Funding was received from Advance Queensland from the Minister for Innovation, Science and the Digital Economy and Minister for Small Businesses, the Honourable Leeanne Enoch.

The ARIP grant will provide funding and create multiple incentives for innovation and startups in the Redlands and Logan areas, fostering a technologically and forward thinking environment for these communities.

The Government will support the project led by the Redland City Council with funding of $500,000 over three years through the $6 million dollar ARIP program. The Regional Innovation Hubs Program supports the Advance Queensland strategies to continue to amplify potential in these regions through connecting, investing, growing and inspiring communities.


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