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Global Community Resourcing is an Multi-Award Winning Australian organisation with extensive networks internationally and nationally. Established for over a decade, we have long term demonstrated knowledge and understanding in a range of Community Care settings including primary health care, disability and aged care sectors.

Global Community Resourcing primarily focuses on business transformation, innovation and incorporation of leading-edge new approaches and technologies in community care service provision across the full spectrum of operation.

Our team consists of highly trained and experienced professionals across a wide spectrum of roles including executive, service management, policy, allied health, project management, direct service delivery, legal, professional development, technological, quality, research and development, event management and marketing. We have completed numerous projects at state, national and international levels. These projects have been subject of many conference presentations, research papers and industry forums.

Global Community Resourcing was recognized in the 2015 Information Technology in Ageing Conference Awards as the ‘ICT Entrepreneurial of the Year’ Award Recipient for our development of Community of Practice for Community Care providers interested in Innovation and Technology. Global Community Resourcing also won the 2016 inaugural ‘Best Initiative as Voted by Consumers’ Award in Recognition of the co-design and co-creation of a living lab portal for consumer engagement and was a Finalist in the 2017 Innovation in Health Care Awards.

We continue to be engaged by various industry players and governments to provide advice on particular aspects of Innovation in Community-Based Services.

Internationally, we have an unparalleled track record and network of collaborations and projects.


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